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I'm so glad. I've finally gotten my recon back off the ground! It took quite a bit of work and a lot of convincing the higher ups. Practices are now in the afternoon, which means that things are way different: but better. Although the entire corps is now watching the fabled Recon with critical interest, I no longer have to worry over the health of my members in the twenty degree cold that was a hazard last semester. As always there are people who will run their mouths without knowing what they talk about. My challenge to them remains as it always has, "if you think it's not that hard, all of our practices are open. Please come and see how you like". As it stands everyone who has ever shown up joins the team and loves it. Never in my life have i been in better shape, or happier about anything that i've accomplished. We're quickly gaining support from the general, the master of fitness, and JROTC staff. The best things don't come to those who wait for them; rather, to those who are willing tho do the work to earn them.
Captain Bruelhart sends his regards.
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