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In careful review of my everyday life, I wonder how many of the people around me are actually aware of their conscious existence... It's an astounding experience to walk through any given corporate store and watch perfectly normal, potentially highly intelligent, people who appear as though they have no thoughts whatsoever crossing through their mind. It's terrifying. It's also thought provoking; do I ever exhibit that bovine expression? Are hundreds of millions of people, potentially our generation's Descartes or Nietzsche, walking around with nothing on their mind except what Jennifer said about Blake on The Real World; or some similar nonsense to that? How could any mentally responsible person allow their mental potency to be wasted in such a manner? Now more than ever, we have a wealth of information and such wonderfully simple access to it. And what are we using it for? Pornography sites? Listening to music that we don't even really enjoy? Looking at funny pictures of kittens?
There must be some useful application for the sheer amount of information and educational advantages that we've been blessed with. Yet, no, we actively choose to be passive, terrified cattle. Most of the people on this site won't even read the entirety of this post of mine. Of those who do read this from beginning to summation, most are so callous that these words may as well been shouted from a rooftop towering above a street populated entirely by deaf people.
Although the nature of humanity endows us with the value of resilience, which is almost always under-valued, these seem to be very dark times for the people of America. If the average citizen were aware of what our government is trying to do, and actively succeeding, these average citizens would riot in the streets. Most that have been paying attention have come to this conclusion just from what our government has allowed them to know. Now, just imagine how we would react if we knew the things that our government has been hiding.
Most people who come to these conclusions resolve that there must be a sudden and violent revolution to remedy these situations. But, speaking truthfully, what the hell would that help? Historically, where has that ever lead? Typically the establishing of governments that are just as corrupt and societies just as problematic as the ones before. No, that's a ludicrous and irresponsible thought. Real revolution is from the bottom up. Change the way that people think and interact and the government will correct itself. To all of those who had enough patience to read my summation. I have quite a bit of respect for you. Have a nice day.
--Joey Glover

PS. i originally wrote this for Facebook, however i exceeded the 420 character limit. Couldn't let such useful thoughts go to waste. Open to constructive criticism.

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