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So once again i started typing on facebook. I exceeded the word limit again. Once again i'll post it here on LJ;


Still don't understand why we all have to fight and struggle and quarrel. We really ought to all get along. Don't get me wrong, there are times when we need to fight for our right; but i don;t understand why we need to fight each other to get ahead. It reminds me of crabs in a bucket. When did we all forget how to leave good enough alone. We've even lost sight of helping other people out. We're always too worried about what's going to happen to us. We even make excuses; "The world's not as safe as it used to be" Why the hell do you think that is? The world's not as safe for us because everyone has to try to face this world by themselves. When was the last time you really went out of your way just to make the world a nicer place for another person?( without expecting anything out of it.) Where do people get these ideas in their head? The idea of exploiting another person to get rich? Of controlling another man's life? Why did we start holding everyone but ourselves accountable? I think it's about time that we have a new fight; it's time we fight the struggle to help our neighbors, our city, our nation, and our world. In the end, where does holding petty rivalries or grudges get us. Why would we ever hurt our brothers if we could offer them a hand instead?
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